About Me

I was born in Sorong, West Papua. One funny thing that I always remember when talking about where I born is some of people or my friends always surprised and never believe that I was born in East of Indonesia. Hmm, no problem for me as long as I proud to be an Indonesian. 🙂

I very like to listening music besides my daily job as an IT Professional, and now as a sales. The genre of music that I like is Jazz and Lounge music. I also like football, especially I’m a fans of Manchester United. I can play some music instruments like Rhytm Guitar and Drum, but please noted that I’m not a professional musician, it just a part of have fun :).

My job is around IT solution to business, in the simple terms is an IT Professional. Well, IT is an area that not related to my study in university, where I took Electrical Engineering. So, some of my friends ask me, how you can do something that not related with your study? Here is the fact… I like IT since I still in junior high school, but not get many chance to explore anything since I don’t have any resources or something that I can used to learn computer. But, I still hope that someday I can learn so many things around IT area. And now, I got a chance to doing that, and my perception in IT is, this is a very nice area where we can explore many things, not just talking about technology and technical things but you can also talking about the business. That’s why I like to explore many area in IT.

Last, how about my daily activity besides my daily job? I like Music and sports (like I mention before) and I like to hang out with friends too. Very like travelling and like to explore anything about airlines and airplane.

Anything related my job or anything, you can contact me at my email in here.

~Raymond Engelbert~